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2.2. Java Issues

Step 1: Download PowerTeacher Gradebook

An alternate method of launching PowerTeacher Gradebook is being provided by your PowerSchool administrator because the Java browser plug-in cannot be detected on your browser.

  1. Download the zip file under the Downloads section of this article. If you have issues downloading the zip file you can also login into PowerTeacher and then click on the following link: Download PowerTeacher Gradebook
  2. Open the Gradebook.zip file.
  3. Extract the contents of the zip archive to a convenient location, and double click the 'Install Gradebook' icon. A shortcut will be placed on your desktop. 

IMPORTANT: If you are receiving this error message "Error: Could not locate INF file...." then the zip file was not extracted properly. See extraction steps below if you see that or a similar error message.

1. Download the Zip File
2. Browse to wherever you saved the file
3. Right-click the compressed folder, and then click Extract All
4. Open the extracted folder and click on the 'Install Gradebook' icon

Note: Once downloaded, teachers can launch PowerTeacher Gradebook using the Gradebook shortcut instead of logging into PowerTeacher via a web browser.

Step 2: Launch PowerTeacher Gradebook

  1. Double-click the Gradebook shortcut to launch PowerTeacher Gradebook.
  2. Log into PowerTeacher Gradebook with your username and password.

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